Trademark Information for
Chi Omega Fraternity

Chi Omega Fraternity owns the trademark rights to our name, Greek letters, crest, silhouette owl, badge and other items. We protect those trademarks because we are proud of the Chi Omega brand and want to ensure that all merchandise bearing our name is in good taste and of good quality.

We protect the Chi Omega brand through a licensing program whereby vendors receive permission to use our trademarks on merchandise. It is illegal for a company to use and manufacture items bearing Chi Omega trademarks without permission from Affinity Consultants.

Chi O Creations, our in-house boutique, is our most trusted source for licensed Chi Omega merchandise. Chi O Creations is the only manufacturer who has been granted the right to use the co-branded Chi Omega/Make-A-Wish logo in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish®.

You can help ensure proper use of Chi Omega’s symbols by purchasing merchandise through Chi O Creations or from another licensed vendor. When you do, proceeds and royalties are returned to the Fraternity and our marks are protected.  Before purchasing from an outside vendor, investigate whether the vendor is licensed to use Chi Omega Fraternity trademarks by logging on to

Chi O Creations is the preferred licensed vendor of Chi Omega Fraternity.
The current list of Chi Omega’s licensed vendors may be found here

For more information on becoming a licensed vendor of Chi Omega, please contact:

Melissa Jean-Baptiste
Manager of Account Services
Affinity Consultants